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Urban photography competition winners

The results of this year's CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition have been announced. The theme was Cities at Work and photographers around the world were asked to record the essence and reality of the working life of a city.

'Masks of Society' by Marius Vieth.


German photographer Marius Vieth has been named the winner of the CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition for 2014 with the image 'Masks of Society.

The theme of the competition was ‘Cities at Work’ and photographers around the world are asked to capture the essence and reality of the working life of a city, with all of its beauty and day-to-day routine. 

Martin Samworth, Chief Executive Officer, EMEA, CBRE said: “ Vieth’s image captures a perfect moment where someone is fully immersed in a detailed element of their work. It is a quiet moment of precision in a hectic urban setting.”


Ly Hoang Long for ‘Net Mending’

‘Net Mending’ by Ly Hoang Long

Mr. Vieth, who has won a luxury photography safari, said: “Being named the 2014 CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year is a fantastic achievement. Street photography has been a passion of mine for many years and I knew my ‘Mask of Society’ image was the perfect shot for the competition’s ‘Cities at Work’ brief. I’m constantly looking for new and interesting angles of urban life and its constantly changing landscape never fails to challenge me.”


Carlos da Costa Branco ‘Dancing in the Street'

‘Dancing in the Street' by Carlos da Costa Branco.


The competition also offered regional and youth prizes for the first time. The Europe, Middle East and Africa prize was awarded to Carlos da Costa Branco for ‘Dancing in the Street’ while the Asia Pacific prize went to Ly Hoang Long for ‘Net Mending’. Johanna Siegmann was the winner of the Americas prize for her image ‘Buffer Zone’.


Buffer Zone

‘Buffer Zone’ by Johanna Siegmann.


The youth prizes were awarded to Sarah Scarborough (13-15 age category) for ‘A Distant Silhouette’ taken in Venice and Szabolcs Simo (16-25 age category) of Hungary for ‘Christmas Tram’.


‘A Distant Silhouette’

‘A Distant Silhouette’ by Sarah Scarborough.


Christmas Tram

'Christmas Tram' by Szabolcs Simo.

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